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The Most Dangerous Winter Sports

I think the best way to begin is to break the term winter-sports into two and talk a little about winter first. Winter as a season is considered as one of the toughest seasons to face all over the world. The case is not so worse if you are living in the tropical part of the world, where the seasons both summer and winter show up at a tolerable level. If you are living in the other parts of the world where winter is going to strike tough, then you will have to brace yourself and be prepared. Children are going to catch up cold and get prone to a lot of waterborne and airborne diseases. Driving is going to be risky than usual, every morning you will have to clean tons of snow that are heaped on vehicles, and you will have to break your wallet just to meet out the fuel expenses. Death rates are comparative high during the winter season. So now you know why winter sports are dangerous. Let us quickly see what some of the dangerous winter sports activities that take place across the globe are:

Winter Sports


Snowboarding is considered as one of the toughest and the most dangerous sports activities ever. Sports club and relevant governing bodies came out with statistics that said that snowboarding is highly dangerous after the sport recorded highest death toll year after year. In case of an accident during snowboarding, it can lead to death or serious injuries that might curb the person for the whole of his life.

Freestyle Skiing:

Freestyle skiing includes acrobatics as a part of it. People who take part in this type of sports, perform stunts and a series of other actions while simultaneously focusing on the skiing act. The act even today is considered highly dangerous, and no one knows what the performer is going to do before he actually performs. It was also difficult to prevent the participants from involving in specific tricks and stunts. So the sport stopped receiving sponsorship and was eventually banned out of Olympics.

Ski Jumping:

Just like freestyle skiing, ski jumping is also equally risky as performers improvise the number of skips and jumps in the middle of the events. Nature is always unpredictable, and the floor or the slope doesn’t cooperate well it might lead to severe injuries and might also result in the death of the person


Some death is a better end because, with sports activities like Toboggan, the performer can face head injury and acute brain damages. This can completely paralyze a person and can leave him immovable if he doesn’t respond well to the treatment. Participation in this event narrowed down after the death of athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili. His death proved how much fateful this event could be.


We know you are surprised because we were equally surprised and shocked when hockey was on the list of the dangerous games. All of us are well aware that hockey is one game that is predominately played during the winter season. The game is considered risky as it has a lot of collision moments. However, if the players are well coordinated, the game is safe to play.


No matter how dangerous these sports are, a lot of people are taking part in them every year, and it is completely senseless to prevent people from participating from such events. All that can be done is to make sure that the participants are taking the required safety measures and have adequate practice before actually getting to the field. This can avoid a lot of accidents and can bring the percentile of death rates.

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